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Friday, September 19, 2014

My Student Logbook- Review

Do you have a child who struggles to be organized? Or maybe your child want's to be able to see his/her workload for the week at a glance.  If you said yes to either of those questions then you want to peek at the Company My Student Logbook.

My Student Logbook Review
You can purchase a My Student Logbook for $15.00.
The Logbook is for children in the 2nd Grade and up. It is a different kind of planner that will help your child become more organized in their school day. It will provide them with the lessons for the week at their finger tips. They will be able to see what is next, what needs completed and what is to come. This is perfect for those kids that stress about assignments and comes in a variety of styles. You can choose a cover that fits your child's interest such as Butterflies, Dinosaurs, Sea life, Jets, the Rainforest, Freedom, Planets , Golden Vines and the one my son choose... Vintage Map...

My Student Logbook Review

Let me tell you how this works . It is so clever.
In the front of the book there are several assignment tear outs that you can use. The tear out page is where you will list your child's usual assignments. You simply tear it out, Cut off the edge from tearing and then you will fold this paper in half . You will keep it folded so the list of your courses is facing you. The fold will go over your check off page and you tape the back of it to the back of the check off page. If I am confusing you then check out the Set-Up Guide.

Your child will then look at the assignments for the week and check them off as they go down the page. When that week is over all you have to do is lift the flap, turn the page and place the flap back down. Voila !! You have next weeks plan ready. It's as easy as that and saves so much time.

If over the course of the year your child's course change or they finish certain subjects and you add in others. There are other tear out assignment pages in the front. So you would simply tear out a new on and tape it into your notebook.

How We Used it...

My son is 14 and used the logbook during the review period.  I Sat and listed the assignments I knew he would have to complete each week Algebra, History, Literature, Science, Vocabulary, Typing, GUM (Grammar) , Rabbit club, and Writing. I also added a few chores to the bottom that I want him to remember daily. He has others but these seem to be the ones he often forgets.  The logbook we received is not dated. So I just added the dates in as I went. You can add your weekends in or leave them out. The logbook will be sufficient for one year and one child.  On his check list you could leave the spaces blank but I wrote the assignment heading, or topic depending on the course inside the check off box. Some I leave blank because the assignment is clear to him without writing anything. You can use it anyway that works best for you. Lets say it is 9/19 well my son would start with Algebra and complete 2-6  in his book. Then he would go to his History which read 1-4 day Three. 1-4 is the assignment from his book and it will take him three days to complete one section. If I had more direction for him I write on his worksheet  pages and inserted them in his text book for the weeks assignments. When he completes these assignments he simply checks them off. This gives him a guide as to what he has to do for the week. Below is an example of a completed week.  To the right is the flap page that can be flipped and a new page can be placed under it for a new week.

 If you have a  small special note for assignments you can lift the flap and there underneath is a place for you to write notes. Here my son has a note after his Literature to come see me so we can have some discussion on the readings. He has a note for his Grammar as well . He is to get instruction from me, add a page to his notebook journal, and then complete the workbook pages. Another use we found for the notes section was  to add any passwords or special information. For example we are doing writing  with Fortuigence and I had written his user name and password for that class in this space. I did scratch it out there as you can see. Wouldn't want you doing or writing work for us! (hee hee)  

Below is a picture of his logbook before he begins crossing things off. I just completed his plans for this week and this is what he will see come Monday Morning.  I put X in spaces with pen on days he doesn't have certain subjects. I also like to keep Fridays light for running errands. As you can see  I also added Rabbit club which is a 4H activity. At the moment he is preparing a notebook and it is due in Oct. So we have much work to do with it yet. This was my way of reminding us to work on it weekly.
You can anything that is a daily task for you students.

My Thoughts...

I am in love with the logbook! It has saved me so much time when I'm planning. I used to write each assignment out in full so that he would have a guide of sorts. It was so time consuming and often would take an hour at a time. I choose to try it out with my 14 year old because he can be so disorganized. I would often get "I forgot Mom."  This check off guide has given him no excuses as to why he didn't complete an assignment. My son also likes it because he can see what he has for the week. He knows when he is done, so now he can strive to work hard and finish early if he wants too. I like that it gives him the responsibility of making sure his work is complete.

I really wish I had had this logbook back when my 17 year old daughter was in school. She struggles with dyslexia and ADHD that comes out as anxiety disorder. She would fret about what came next in the day and I would have to make her check lists. When we would run errands she would become extremely anxious. I found that if I gave her a sheet of paper with a list of the errands we needed to complete that it would sooth her anxiety. She would sit in the back of the car with her paper and cross off the activities we completed.  It would have been so nice to have some pages in the back of this logbook for our errand days. I always tried to run the errands in the same order so there would be a schedule of sorts for her for that day. Using this logbook reminded me of that.  If you have a special needs child then this might work great for that child in various ways. I really can't believe I didn't think of it. (wink) It's such a great idea.

After trying it out for several weeks. I have decided that it would be a great fit for my 3rd grader too. I do still write in my plan book and organize what we are going to do for each day but this is something directly for the child. This particular child is constantly asking me what is next. I was thinking for his logbook I'd put it in a specific order, adding lunch and playtime to the chart. With my older son I didn't write a time for anything and left that part vague because he will often jump around subjects and complete what he wants to for the morning. As long as he gets the days work done I don't mind. There are certain subjects like Literature, GUM and Writing that he does at a specific time because he needs more help from me and it is guided. Now my younger son needs to stick to his specific plan because I have his younger sister to work with as well. I usually flip flop what they are doing, so they each get plenty of one on one time from me.

The Student Logbooks are definitely something we will be using again next year.

If you would like to connect with them on Social Media you can find them at...

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You can also connect with The Schoolhouse review Crew and see how others use the logbooks. Just click the graphic below.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Art- Manuscripts

This week we were learning in our History course about the Middle ages and the move into the Renaissance. The kids learned that the light of learning was dim but Monks were sitting by lamp light copying books to help preserve them. We also learned that Muslims were doing the same on the Arabian Peninsula.

So we look at some of this writing and we looked at how the monks would decorate their books especially the Bible. What we did was to draw the first letter of our names and then add some things to it that said something about us.

This is Sweet Peas (5) letter C. She drew herself in the middle and added a rainbow over the top. She also asked me to add some hearts around her frame. She is all Girl that is for sure.

Spirit (8) made his letter B. He has snow on his for when he was born .( January) Of course it would not be complete without a minecraft guy. Spirit also mentioned he likes spring so he added some spring flowers.

To get the kids to take their time with their lessons I found that if I make one too they work harder. So I made this one. I was born in November and my favorite season is fall. I like to paint and write so both those are shown. Down the side I wrote the first letter of all of my kids names, because they are a part of me. My favorite color is brown so my initial is colored brown .


Jennifer the Creator of the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop has created a pinterest board of our Art. So now you can go and see all of our past art projects. Yeah... Thank you Jennifer !

Check out some of the other Bloggers co-hosting this fun Hop each week.

Now It's your turn. If you have art to share you can blog about it and link up.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rabbit Club - 4H

This year our boys joined our local 4H club. It has been a learning curve to figure out all we need for requirements for the club and for the growth of the children. 4H stands for the four H's Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. These are the four values members work on through fun engaging programs.

Head - Managing, Thinking
Heart - Relating, Caring
Hands - Giving, Work 
Health - Being, Living

Both of my boys started out the year in Rabbit club and then later added a Tech club. Rabbit club seems to be the favorite of the two but boy did we have a lot to learn. This particular day we were to show their rabbits. In October their Rabbit books will be due. I will share them later. The boys were instructed to dress up somewhat and wear their white lab coats for the rabbit show. 

    Spirit Age 8

    Superboy age 14. I was told he look at bit like a mad Scientist. I think its that evil grin he has going.

    Spirit has a Red Satin Rabbit. His fir is really soft and has the feel of satin in a way. This is a picture below of my dad , Spirit and Sweet Pea. My dad often runs the boys to rabbit club. He loves animals and 4H was his idea. Something he could do with the boys.

    Now Spirits Rabbit Grew much bigger than we expected and he does have trouble carrying it from place to place but once its there he does ok with him. The boys have to learn all about a rabbit and what judges are looking for as far as quality of breed. The boys have a  routine they do with the rabbits. They will sit them on the table step back and roll them over etc... Feeling and looking for various things. They learn so much about their breeds and the care of the Rabbit.

    The picture below shows them laying the rabbits on their back and rubbing their bellies to calm them. This isn't an easy task if you don't have a very tame rabbit. It takes practice and you have to handle them often.

    Spirit here was covering the rabbits eyes. If they get a little jittery this is a way to calm them down.

    This can be the hard part... Position your rabbit and let go . They rabbit should hold the position. Yeah as you guessed not always.

    My older sons rabbit is a mixed Breed but he found her and loved her so she stayed. He doesn't want another right now. We showed this rabbit in the pet category.

    Spirit won 1st place for Best in Breed and he won a 1st in showmanship. He is a clover bud so his ribbon is green and the breed ribbon is red.

    Superboy won First in Best in the Pet Category and Showmanship in Pet Category as well for his age level. Sweet pea kept singing the blue Ribbon Bunny song from  Sophia the first.

    My dad the helper. Here you can see how large Spirits bunny got. It really became a problem for him to show and soo.. We added a new member.

    Introducing our newest fluff ball. This rabbit is a  seal pointed lion head. It won't get to much bigger. Right now he is a ball of fur but he will lose much of his hair and will only have a fluffy bit around his neck.  

    Our new bunny is very gentle. The boys handle him all the time and will be just the right size for our next rabbit show.

    Warm blessings,

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    7 Minute Life Daily Planner- Review

    Most of the time I am running on a last minute mentality. I am coming out ! I admit it! If you know me you will realize now that even though I appear organized you are only seeing the after effects of scrambling around all morning and tossing things together last minute. This puts me in a lot of stress and I'm not sure how long I can continue on in this way. As I age the stress is beginning to get to me. Let me tell you about a Company called the The 7 Minute Life. This company is helping me to get my "stuff" together and organized in a way I can mange with...  

    7 Minute Life Daily Planner Review

    The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner -  $24.95
    (A planner for Adults used to manage their time)

    More often then I'd like to admit it I am scrambling around. Sunday Mornings I rarely am ready for Church services. I hold a paid staff position. Usually I have to bathe my preschooler because I didn't get to her the night before and I have to still figure out what I am teaching for Sunday school. Many times I have gotten up early just to figure it out. Then I am tired later in the day when working with the children.
    Either that or the preschooler is difficult and I just "wing it" for that weeks lesson. I am sure not what God had in mind for our little blessings.

    This last minute Lucy syndrome doesn't just happen once a week. I am scrambling over lunch to set up Science experiments and sometimes cutting out things needed for my preschoolers activities. I know this is all counter productive to completing tasks and yet I continue to do it. I feel like I am always one step behind the goal and never making any progress.

    ... But I am learning...

    "The Average adults attention span is 5 minutes. Attention is key to your time management. "

    What if you can focus for 7 minutes at a time?

    You would  break down your tasks into a process of steps to complete your goals.

    First THINK- What do you want to accomplish? What are your goals?

    Next Find your Goals - What will you do?

    Now that you know what you will do it's time to create Action Steps.
    Within those actions Micro actions - Which break your actions into mini steps you can complete in a sequence from start to finish.

    Each day you will...

    Choose 5 high value activities per day off of the list.
    Focus on accomplishing them every day.
    It should take you 7 minutes a day to sit down each afternoon and plan for the next day.  Think about your 5 high value activities and put them on your plan.

    It might be more understandable if I show you my planner. I am still learning how to use it but it has already made improvements. I do not have a big career to manage but managing my home , Blog, and church activities can be career enough.

    When I first got  my planner I thought I would just sit down and start filling things in but it didn't work that way. In the beginning it will take more thought to get you organized and I still feel like I could add more to some of the pages.

    I began by Prioritizing my values. I went through the list and started marking all those words that jumped out at me such as Faith, Family and health. At the bottom of the page I was to put them in order of my top 10. It went like this Faith, Family Health, Friendship, Independence/Freedom, Teaching , Order, Security (Financial), Happiness/Self respect and last Creativity/Arts.

    On the opposite page I just began jotting quickly my thoughts from the words of my top 10 values. I found that key things came up over and over. In doing this process I gained a knowledge of importance for my life. It became centered.

    I then began my 90 day goals. Now for me at first I didn't narrow them down enough. Below you can see I started but I had to go back later and create more of a plan. I want to be financially secure. So I have a plan to make some money. My goals weren't in order to start either. I would need to work part time and save some money first but in the mean time I am researching schools. I would like to learn web design and work from home but the first goal would be finding and securing part time work that works for our family .  I had to go back and break that into smaller tasks.

    I also love teaching and have a few books on my wish list for the kids. So I was thinking to start a small online business using teacher pay teacher to share worksheets and teaching material I might make . Anything I make from that would then go in a book fund for the kids. This would be our "Book Money"

    I later added a goal to become more organized with Sunday school, To spend more time with the art I love, read my bible in 3 years, and to begin eating healthier/exercising.

    With my Church organization in mind I wrote out all of the tasks that I do in our church in one year. It was good to see them all there and each will have to be broken into Micro manageable tasks.

    I also had a few unfinished home tasks and I later added some school projects I wanted to complete.

    The next few sections I am sure had a business in mind but I worked this book to work for me. One of the uncompleted tasks I didn't mention was that I always miss everyone's Birthdays, Anniversary's etc.. so I thought I would use this page to start jotting down the dates as I find them. My plan is to create a card box at the beginning of next year . I want to organize it by month and purchase the cards ahead of time so that I send them out on time. No more missing Birthdays and special events.

    Remember my Sunday school plan. Well I like to have a general plan first. This 90 day Calendar Worksheet worked perfectly for that. I am just beginning right now but have all the dates and special events written . Part of my micro management is to research curriculum so I am at that stage right now in my planning and doing short character lessons until I get organized .

    Lastly I want to share my daily progress report. At the end of the day you will fill this out so you can plan for your next day. I changed the planner a little to fit my needs as again I am not a business.

    Lets look at the right side of the planner first. At the bottom of the page. You will see glasses of water drank. I love this because I often forget to drink water. This picture was taken mid morning and I still hadn't had any water to drink. I tend to do this with food as well. It might be 4 pm before I realize I haven't had anything. This has helped me be more aware of what I am putting into my body as there is a place to write your food for that day as well .

    You might not be able to read it but it asks how many hours of sleep you had last night, How long you exercised, found time to read, and time for meditation. For me Meditation meant prayer. The other actions were things I was doing to get to a healthier me. Reading my Trim Healthy Mama book , Exercising, Drinking water, and menu plan. Very good for my 1st goal .

    At the top of the page you will find my 7 minute task for the day. These are to be done all 5 before 11 . This day was busy so I had three there instead . Below that are the connections I am getting to the 5 minute life. I am not sure I am doing that section correctly but you can make it work for you.

    Below that is unfinished tasks. I made that my blog /Blog review spot. I write in things I am working on reviewing right now. Actions I want to take like Pinning parties and Facebook shares etc...

    Farther right I made that my to do list for the day. It changes and evolves as the day goes. I jot things down that are on my mind to do and things that come from my goal or uncompleted tasks. Just depends on my day. If I don't complete something it moves to the next day.

    Remember me mentioning my book crazy momma mentality. well I made the spent area at the bottom my area for a wish list of books for that week. I know I have a problem. (ha ha)


    To the right I have my day by the hour, emails I need to make , and to the far right prayer requests for friends and family. I choose to change that . It was a contacts list but I don't really have contacts as an at home mom. So I figured my contacts were with God. To the bottom I wrote the books of the bible I wanted to read this week to get to my to my goal of reading the bible in 3 years.

    For me I'm a list girl. I like to make lists and have the knowledge of checking them off. I like that I am working not randomly but with a goal in mind. I have been more productive in this time period of our review that I am finding I have time to sit and really be in meditation like I would like to be. I also have time to take care of me which is just as important as the other tasks on my list. Now that I have worked in the planner for a bit. I am looking forward to when it warranted to get another one.  I think the second round of 90 days will be even more focused and better than the first.

    You can connect with the 7 Minute life at...

    Facebook –

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    Pinterest -

    Google+ -

    You Tube -


    If you would like to see how other Crew members used the 7 Minute Life Daily planner click the graphic below.

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    Thursday, September 11, 2014

    Art - Shape Cut outs...

    For some reason my art post didn't post this week and I just noticed it was missing.  So here it is...

    This week we did some shape art. I had the kids paint on paper. Then they traced a shape onto their black paper with a white colored pencil. Both kids choose a circle. Once the paintings were dry they took those pieces of paper and cut various shapes gluing them into their circles.


    We had been studying Rose windows in architecture and my thought was that they would looks similar to that. However they did not quite come out like I envisioned but no matter. The kids enjoyed the art and got practice cutting shapes. This went great with Sweet Pea's lessons. She has been learning all about shapes, how to draw them and how to cut them out of paper. Perfect match regardless.

    This is Spirit's Art Age 8 

    Sweet Pea's age 5. She has those Rectangles down.

    Jennifer the Creator of the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop has created a pinterest board of our Art. So now you can go and see all of our past art projects. Yeah... Thank you Jennifer !

    Check out some of the other Bloggers co-hosting this fun Hop each week.

    Now It's your turn. If you have art to share you can blog about it and link up.

    Warm Blessings,


    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    Heirloom Audio Production - Under Drake's Flag (Review)

    In our world today we are inundated by technology and visual stimulations. These tools have made the art of communication and using listening skills at times a lost art. Children are often tuned in to various things at once missing the visual stimulation of the mind that words can place on the imagination. Those little minds can sometimes create better visuals then those of Hollywood. It can take practice if you aren't used to using this tool. An imagination is not a thing to waste.  Why not invest in that practice today with Heirloom Audio Productions.

    Analytical Grammar Review
    I present to you the newest Audio production Under Drakes Flag - a two CD set for $29.95 for children 6 years to adult. Included with your CD's will be a  study guide that you can use along with the listening session. You can also purchase the download for $20.00.

    Maybe you aren't new to audio stories and have shared them with your children before. These audio dramas are definitely a different listening experience. They are fast pasted and engaging. The sound effects bring you to the story and allow your imagination to soar along with the action of the story. You will hear a lot of water sounds along your sea faring experience.

    Heirloom production takes you on this magical journey using the stories of G.A. Henty. Maybe you recognize the name. Henty is a 19th century English writer who wrote historical adventure stories. Along with Under Drake's Flag he has also written several other stories. Some controversial in his time. The Audio story is adapted from Henty's book.  Your children will be listening to the Classics in high definition way.

    About the Story....
    And so the story goes... Ned a young boy is about to take an adventure of his life. Sir Frances Drake is witness to Ned saving another in the sea and invites Ned to take the adventure. He soon befriends another young man named Gerald.

    Before they know it Ned and Gerald are at sea and engaging in an adventure of a life time. They encounter sharks, fight in battles, survive a shipwreck, face their fears and the Spanish Inquisition. Along the way they seek treasure to bring back to the queen. A lot of piracy and adventure involved in this tale.

    As Ned travels he spends time seeing the exceptional morals of Sir Frances Drake (aside from the piracy)  and wishes to work toward emulating those great qualities. Some of the same qualities taught by Jesus Christ. Your study guide will help you ask just the right questions to get your kids thinking along these lines.

    The Study Guide

    The Study guide comes as a small insert in your CD box. You can use your study guide as a discussion board or as a written assignment. I was also offered the pdf version which is a complete abridged version.
    Each set of questions has three parts...

    Listening well- These are questions about what your child heard.

    Thinking Further- Here you will find questions you can ask your child to think farther. It has your child think about something that is mentioned in the story so that they can draw their own conclusions with the mindset of the character.

    Defining words- Grow your child's vocabulary by learning new words that are used in Henty's work. Your child may need a dictionary to look up the words or an online dictionary.

    At the end of the study guide you will find three brief bible studies. These will give your child a clear picture of Godly Character. The Studies are labeled Godly Character, True Manhood, and Confessing Christ. I loved the True manhood section since I presented this one to my both of my boys.

    More about the Audio...

    This audio was recorded in London by the British Actor Brian Blessed.
    Sound designed  by Mark Druray from The Chronicles of Narnia audio series.
    Music by John Campbell who also is a part of Lamplighter theatre, Focus on the family Radio Theater and Adventures in Odyssey.

    Our Thoughts and How we used the CD

    I decided to use the CD with my two boys ages 14 and 8. They are learning about some of the great explorers of our time in their history books.

    We tried using the CD while we did some of our art lessons. The kids like to listen to something while they work. They found it difficult under that setting and situation to follow the story line. The adventure is fast paced and your listeners really need to be listening to follow along.

    I decided then to regroup and try something else.
    I listened to it myself one time around while doing household chores and thought the kids needed a little background on the history of this particular time period. So we had a couple history lessons. I felt they were needed to understand what was going on. This time around I had my 14 year old sit with the headphones and listen to the story. He laid on the floor and closed his eyes. This is usually how he handles things of this nature. He was able to follow along and really enjoyed the story.  We did not use the study guide the first time through but we decided to use that first time to just enjoy the story line. He
     enjoyed the difference from our usual  History activity. The second time around I pulled out the study guide and we worked in chunks to analyze more of what we were listening too. The vocabulary hit right for him in most cases. There were times he already knew the words but for the most part were helpful as he listened to understand the text.  I asked him if he would like to get another when a new one comes out and he thought that was a great idea. This particular child has some writing delays and just absolutely hates to read. This is a great alternative to sharing some of the classics with him in a way that he can enjoy.  I get to still be that proud homeschool momma when he is talking about Henty and the story he just heard.

    Now my 8 year old was a little different. He is very high strong and active. We needed to listen to the story in blocks,  Sitting for long stretches of time is impossible for him. I'm not sure he followed the entire story because  it was to fast paced for his listening ability. He just struggled to stay focused and  couldn't follow along. I think simpler for him at this time is best. This  might just be an ability that we need to work on. It was good to figure this out so that I can share other audio stories with him in the future. I believe learning to focus and learn listening skills is an important skill to have.

    What I liked...
    The story is engaging and action packed.

    Learning history this way can be fun and a nice change to our regular curriculum.

    I liked that it Teaches strong Christian Values. There isn't a whole lot of literature out there in this time period that is not good for our children to read. It is nice to be able to share something with depth that inspire excitement.

    Out of my two children ages 8 and 14 I felt that is was most suited for my 14 year old.

    We will definitely be keeping our eyes out for the next audio from Heirloom Audio Productions.

    If you would like to read more reviews from the crew click the graphic below.
    Under Drake's Flag Reviews
    Warm Blessings,

    Crew Disclaimer
    Thursday, September 4, 2014

    Virtual Refrigerator- Birds and Color Wheel


    This week we took a look at representational and Nonrepresentational. We looked at various pieces of work related to birds then choice which type of work it represented. After our little look at art we made some of our own bird pieces.


    Spirit age 8 . He made a toucan bird.
    He wanted his out and in the wild. I don't have his to share because he wrote his name really big across it. You will just have to imagine that one.

    This one is mine. A little blue bird in a cage. I have found if I do these projects with the kids they say involved longer and take their time.

    This is my little Sweet Peas age 5. I helped her a little cutting strips for her cage. I also helped with the feet and beak. She did the rest.

    We had two art lessons this week. The other was on the color wheel. We also talked about complimentary colors. So we made these turtles. The turtle is the color wheel and the outside is their complimentary color . It was quite tricky to figure out but we didn't do to bad. The one below is mine.

    This is sweet Peas. She did pretty good to start but soon was tired of it and just painted the rest in. I think its lovely. She says hers is a world turtle.

    Spirit did fairly well with this. He did make a tiny mistake but we left it and moved on. I told him no big deal and he was ok with it. The point was the mixing of colors and he did a great job doing just that.

    I hope you enjoy our art for this week.

    Warm Blessings,


    Jennifer the Creator of the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop has created a pinterest board of our Art. So now you can go and see all of our past art projects. Yeah... Thank you Jennifer !

    Check out some of the other Bloggers co-hosting this fun Hop each week.

    Now It's your turn. If you have art to share you can blog about it and link up.

    Warm Blessings,


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    Rejoice in the Lord Always.